Aphrodite with Kitten

160x140 cm / 5.2x4.6 ft

My Parallel Lives

Exhibited in Maksla XO gallery

Riga, December of 2013 - January of 2014


10 paintings: oil on canvas


60x60 cm / 23.5x23.5 in

Beekeeper’s Bride

60x60 cm / 23.5x23.5 in

Virgin in the Mist

60x60 cm / 23.5x23.5 in

Little Shepherd

60x60 cm / 23.5x23.5 in

Keeper of the Garden

90x90 cm / 3x3 ft

Dreaming Soldier

60x60 cm / 23.5x23.5 in


160x140 cm / 5.2x4.6 ft

Sailor’s wives

60x60 cm / 23.5x23.5 in


77x172 cm / 2.5x5.6 ft

“In our contemporary culture, a human is perceived as body, mind and social conditioning which together constructs “a person” with its story. When people meet for the first time, the first thing they would tell each other is their social role and conditions, like, – I am a bookkeeper, – but I am a cook.

And one of the main questions we would ask to children is – what will you be when you grow up – meaning, what role will you play to legitimize your human existence in a society, and not so much – what dreams do you dream, what do you want to experience, what do you want to create.

What I am most drawn to in my own intimate mental processes is the primordial alive part which feels the initial “I AM” without attached adjectives and objects. And only after standing strong and still in the very being itself, later, the object is added – WHAT am I – as a changeable beautiful play. And it is felt most clearly in one’s childhood, when one can instantly switch from being “a princess” to being “a butterfly” to being “a nurse” etc. and still retain the strong feeling of SELF.

The paintings I have been creating for this very intimate to me exhibition are particular symbolic images which dwell in our psyche (like huntsman, shepherd, wife, virgin, etc.).

They sometimes simultaneously co-exist in a friendly way, sometimes fight, and through them – adapting and trying them on, emotionally identifying with them, retaining in a special individual way or neglecting – our human experience is gained, the “personality” is constructed or re-constructed and the life is being lived.

“I AM… (one image or another)” gives uniqueness and individuality to the self, creating an intimate, singular and distinctive universe of an individual human.”

© Jana Brike 2012

all rights reserved

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